Round 13: Sea Monsters


Round 12: Edgar Allen Poe

Round 11: Designer’s Choice

Round 10: Vintage

AUG 31st – SEP 17th  [theme: VINTAGE] 

Round 9: School memories

AUG 10th – AUG 27th  [theme: MY SCHOOL MEMORIES ] 

TPM Logo round 9


JUN 11th – AUG 1st  [theme: HELLO, SAILOR! ] 

The Pier Market Round 8 Nautical b

Participants/ Exclusive items :

Meet the designer: Preptopia

Preptopia Store Board

Preptopia was just started in early 2014. I had only returned to SL for about 9 months after a break of at least a year and a half. In 2007 I was lucky to meet my now RL husband on here and we both lost interest in SL when the New England guy finally moved to Bavaria, Germany to be with me.

In 2013, after we had built a house and figured out all the problems that came with immigration, I finally returned to SL. I felt that this time, after having worked as a dancer at the very first Bogart’s Jazz Club, I wanted to do something different and creative.

Mesh drew my interest pretty quickly and when I realized that it was hard to find the clothing I had fallen in love with on my regular trips to New England, I started designing. My favorite things to wear cover tunics, polo dresses, nautical stripes, chevrons, boat shoes and everything that has anchors on it.

Preptopia brings preppy to SL with bold colors, classic cuts and nautical themes. I put much effort into using high quality textures that look as realistic as possible. For now Preptopia offers only women’s clothing, ranging from casual to formal.

Lorelai Bonetto


Meet the Designers: Soul Designs

soul designs logo 512 x 512
Soul Designs was started as just a store that came from my heart, I didn’t intend to sell anything (lol didn’t think anyone would purchase creations), but i loved to create so I thought why not. Then it grew a little each day, but in 2012 I stepped back from creating and just focused my attention elsewhere.

In 2013, I began creating mesh items for friends, family and my own personal use, as well as for charity events. It was the warm reactions that I received from others that made me realize that I truly love creating and I do pour my soul into every design and texture. This year, was the first time I posted a new product in my Marketplace store since 2012 and now, you will see it grow by leaps and bounds.

Our fashion line contain mostly casual wear, but you will be able to find semi-formal and formal wear.  The designs cater to both men and women and range from casual to formal.

Solde Rothmanay